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Cascading Prompts

Creating Cascading Prompt in Universe Designer

Create the Classes and objects that are needed to be cascaded in the universe. Bring up the objects in a single folder which falls on a natural hierarchy according to your table relations. Like in the example below, i have used some tables in Adventure Works DW2008 sample database (SQL Server 2008).

Tables :





BO Product Version:

Business Objects XI 3.1 SP3.

Universe Designer.


Considering the best practices on creating the universe objects, i have brought all hierarchical objects in single class folder named "Product". To create cascading prompt, go to TOOLS –> Lists of Values –> Create cascading Lists of Values.


A new window for creating cascading list of values will open, it will display the list of available objects in the universe,

put the corresponding objects for cascading list of values in hierarchical order.

Category –> Subcategory –> Product


after adding up the objects in order for list of values, check the option "Hierarchical View" to get the prompt view like a collapse/expand style of selection in Web Intelligence,  disabling this option will result in showing the prompt values individually,   like it will show prompts for category, subcategory and product at the last. And Both the view will cascade on selected values.


Finally, click on Generate LOVs then cascading prompts are created,


Save and Export the universe and start using the leaf level object in the prompt to cascade for above two levels,

In this case, use product object in the prompt for web intelligence Reports, then it will show in either of the styles (Hierarchical view option) according to your choice,

Run the query, Answer for Category then answer for the prompt "Sub category" and finally select the product. Cascading prompts are now created.


a. Hierarchical View



b. Without Hierarchical View

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