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Rolling Text in Report Title

Rolling Text in Report Title

Using HTML Scripts inside the reports for label and other format makes the report more dynamic from its interactiveness

For Example we can show a rolling text as an report title, We must ensure the following steps should be done so that html scripts can work in infoview ,

For a particular user account in BO, there are several preferences in using the infoview.

1. Logon to the Infoview,

2. There will be an option named "Preferences" at the top right of the window,click that option

3. you can find different sections, like general, desktop intelligence, Web intelligence etc..

4. Under the Web Intelligence Section,

Select a default view format: choose "Interactive"

Select a default creation/editing tool: "Interactive"

5. Click "OK" and save the preferences.

Then go to the report where you want to create a rolling text report title,

Create a Blank cell and create the HTML script,

Marquee tag is used for rolling the text form end to end in HTML,

for example, the sample script shown below is used for rolling the report title,

<Marquee> Report Title </Marquee>

After completing the script, select the cell and hit the properties tab in Web Intelligence Rich Client,


under Display options , read the content as "HTML" and finally export the report to the CMS, Now the rolling text can be viewed in infoview.

The same can be done from Infoview directly with corresponding Edit permissions,

select the cell, right click and select format and then cell


read the content as "HTML",


Click OK and rolling text report title is done, similarly we can do as many HTML scripts in the report and make it interactive.

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