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Hide a column in Web Intelligence

February 23, 2012 1 comment

How to hide a column in WebI

In this post I would like share some information on how to hide columns using alternate and manual methods. The illustrative example report is created from Efashion sample universe in BOXI 3.1.

Let us take the following example,

Here we have a column named “promotion (y/n)” which might not give more information regarding the promotion, so we intend to hide this temporarily until the client/customer asks for it.

Now we are going to hide this column from the block using alerter option from Web Intelligence, following screenshot shows exact report layout before hiding any columns


Steps to implement the alerter:

1. Click the alerter option in the reporting toolbar, a new window will open as shown in the sample screenshot below,


2. In Sub – Alerter formula, provide some formula that is always true like the one shown below,

= [Promotion Cost USD] = [Promotion Cost USD]

= 1 = 1

Similarly you can come up with many formulas that returns true.

3. Now go to format option and format everything to match you Web Intelligence background like cell content, border and background colors as shown below in the following screenshot.


4. Now select the column that you wanted to hide and activate the alerter,


5. Go to alerters at reporting toolbar and enable it, then the selected column will be hided from the layout.


Hiding completed??


Did we notice the column header in above screenshot, why we missed to hide the column header?

In WebI, both are considered as separated layout since column headers are differently formatted from column values fields.

6. Now select the column header and again apply the alerter to hide it.


7. The same hiding process can be done by simply formatting the column to match the background color of WebI and resizing the column width.

8. This manual process and alerter based hiding will work only at the display level meaning when the report is exported as excel, we will be seeing the hidden fields. However PDF does the job, it won’t display the column that is hidden in WebI.

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